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Principal's Letter to Parents/Carers

Principal's Letter to Parents/Carers

<span style=”line-height: 1.5em;”>Dear Parents/Carers</span>


Since taking up the Principal’s post at All Saints on Monday 20th April I have received a warm welcome from so many of you and would like to take this opportunity to thank you.


When students, parents, staff and governors work in close partnership they build a strong learning community and a successful school. An essential feature of all successful schools is the very highest standard of behaviour. I am passionate about creating the positive learning environment where all are expected to work hard, behave well and achieve. To bring this about I have established a working group to consider a new behaviour policy. Integral to this is the voice of both pupils and parents. The group will make its recommendations before May half term and I know I can rely on your support when the policy is implemented on Monday 1st June.


Having reviewed the school calendar I have made a change to the schedule. Monday 1st June will now be a teaching day for all students and not a staff INSET day. Year 11 students will particularly benefit from this additional teaching day as they will have commenced their GCSE examinations. As a consequence of this change school will now finish this academic year on Monday 20th July.


The Summer term has started positively and I envisage a school that will strive to improve and will do so year on year. Our strong partnership is essential and will underpin future achievements.


I grew up in Kirkby and was educated at St Kevin’s so my affinity with the community is deep rooted. As your new Principal I am determined to establish All Saints as a thriving learning community where students achieve their potential and All Saints becomes the first choice secondary school for all Kirkby parents.


The Clerk to the Governors will be writing to parents/carers early in June to inform you of a Parent Governor vacancy and the process of election.


Once again thank you for the very warm welcome I have received. I look forward to working in close partnership with yourselves over the coming years.


Yours sincerely


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<strong>Mr A McGuinness</strong>



EES Celebration and Assessment Day

EES Celebration and Assessment Day

For our Engineering Education Scheme (EES) we were fortunate enough to team up with engineers from Jaguar Land Rover in order to make a new and improved infotainment test-rig which hopefully the company can adopt for use in the future. We have put many hours and a lot of hard work into this project over the last six months, all in preparation for the display stand and presentation day at the end of it all, which was then followed by a graduation ceremony where we are each awarded for our hard work and dedication. This was also a time where we could look at other teams projects and talk with new people from schools and colleges throughout the UK.


Our team were very excited to represent All Saints Catholic High School and Jaguar Land Rover in these awards, and are delighted to say that we were awarded with a Gold Crest Award, as well as being handed a further award for our project called the Industrial Cadets Award. In addition to this, we were all overjoyed with the positive feedback that we got and were informed after the presentation that our team were outstanding in all areas.


This has been an excellent opportunity and a fun and rewarding experience, and would like to send our thanks to the engineers at JLR that worked along side us and offered their commitment and support. We would also like to personally thank Miss Porter, Mr Gilmore and the DT department for their support throughout the project and for giving us this opportunity. We would recommend that anyone interested in doing the EES project next year should take this opportunity - not only those who are interested in engineering, but also anyone that is enthusiastic to learn new skills and meet new people.


Rachel Curran, Ethan Navis, Aimee Flanagan, Georgia Cassidy.

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk uses the Empire Theatre to bring alive key moments in history from 1860’s to 2000’s. The project has involved students from a number of different schools each one has been allocated a different era of time and through the musical theatre skills of acting, singing and dancing that have created their individual sections.


All Saints were awarded a grant by Curious Minds and the Arts Council, to run a music project that would benefit the children of All Saints and its feeder primary schools. After extensive research, All Saints formed a partnership with the Creative Learning Department at the Liverpool Empire Theatre and the concept of a joint concert was formed.


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