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Curriculum Model
Curriculum Intent

At All Saints Catholic High School, we are committed to providing an inclusive curriculum that builds on the knowledge pupils have acquired in their Primary Schools:

  • Our curriculum will be knowledge rich and provide pupils with the understanding and skills they need to progress on to the next phase of their educational journey.
  • Our curriculum will provide many varied experiences – both within and in addition to timetabled lessons.
  • Our curriculum is designed to develop successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve.
  • Our curriculum is designed to develop confident individuals who are able to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Our curriculum is designed to develop responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.
  • Our curriculum will enable pupils to engage with the big ideas that shape the world.
  • Our curriculum will include all learners with opportunities for pupil choice and personalisation.
  • Our curriculum inspires pupils to be aspirational.
Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, all students follow the National Curriculum studying: PSHE, Citizenship, Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Geography, History, Spanish, Art, Design and Technology, Music and Physical Education.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum develops a strong foundation for a wide range of subject areas, strengthening skills and building knowledge required for further study, whilst striving to develop a passion and enthusiasm for learning.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 is introduced in Year 10 for all subjects. Our Options process is based on the interests, abilities and aptitude of pupils and they are supported at an individual level to help them choose the subjects that are right for them. We have fair and equal access to all qualifications.

We offer a range of GCSE and Vocational qualifications and adapt these every year to meet the needs of the cohort. Students are encouraged to follow the English Baccalaureate pathway. All pupils study PSHE, Citizenship, English, Mathematics, Combined Science and Religious Education. In addition, all pupils take part in timetabled Physical Education.

Key Stage 4 Core Curriculum
English Language English Literature Mathematics Combined Science
Religious Education Physical Education PSHE Citizenship
Key Stage 4 Option Courses
Computer Science Spanish Geography History
Travel & Tourism Business & Enterprise Art Graphics
Textiles Hospitality & Catering Music Health & Social Care
Engineering Sport Dance Drama
Creative Media Production Separate Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
Key Stage 5

Pupils are offered a diet of primarily Level 3 Vocational Qualifications (Triple, Double and Single awards) with the addition of A levels in Art & Design. In conjunction with the Sixth Form Career Academy, these qualifications have been selected to maximise pupils’ chances of securing higher level apprenticeships, internships leading to employment and University places, challenging and spurring pupils to compete for places at Russell Group Universities and for Apprenticeships. Guidance is given in helping pupils to choose the subjects that are right for them and their future plans.

Pupils are also provided with the opportunity to re-sit GCSE English and Mathematics, if required.

Key Stage 5 Core Curriculum
Core Religious Education Enrichment PSHE/Citizenship
Key Stage 5 Options Courses
Level 3 Business Level 3 Science A Level Art A Level Graphics
A Level Textiles Level 3 Health & Social Care Level 3 Finance Level 3 ICT
Steven Gerrard Academy and Protective Services Academy

From September 2021, All Saints has entered into an exciting partnership with the Steven Gerrard Academy and the Protective Services Academy. Students enrolled with these academies will follow a primarily sport based curriculum or a curriculum designed to provide a pathway into a career with one of the protective services. Students will matriculate from the two year courses with fully accredited Level 3 qualifications.

Enrichment and Further Information

The curriculum is enhanced and enriched in a number of ways offering support and challenge through a variety of subject linked opportunities and extra-curricular activities. Educational visits take place throughout the year and employees from our industry and university links also bring expert knowledge into school to work with pupils and staff in class and on specific projects. There are a number of clubs and groups that pupils can choose to engage with in order to gain additional experiences and opportunities in wider curriculum areas.Higher ability pupils have access to a bespoke programme of curriculum enhancement and enrichment throughout the year to support them maximise their achievement.

All pupils have impartial careers advice and guidance that inspires and motivates them to reach their full potential and develop personalised career goals. The cultural capital, outcomes and the characteristics developed by pupils throughout the curriculum will support their progression toward career enhancing opportunities in employment, education and training.

Successful business links with a wide range of local Employers ensure that our pupils have an understanding of the career opportunities available to them and that they are well prepared to compete for employment in these organisations.

Pupils are given the opportunity to learn the benefits of physically and emotionally healthy lifestyles, by participating in high-quality Personal, Social and Health Education.

They learn in a safe, supportive environment where they develop the confidence, self-esteem and teamwork skills to be effective learners and become active, purposeful and responsible citizens of the future. Pupils are equipped for their futures in a rapidly-changing world, recognising the importance of communication for dialogue and understanding. Literacy, numeracy and oracy are considered to be key life skills and as such are taught across the curriculum.

We encourage mutual respect for those with different faiths and beliefs and values, celebrate and build on our Catholic ethos in the implementation of the entire curriculum.