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Physical Education

This department of dedicated staff aim to develop students’ physical competence, knowledge of movement and safety and their abilities to perform these in a wide range of activities associated with the development of an active and healthy lifestyle. We also aim to develop students both as individuals and in groups or teams by instilling and developing confidence, creativity, communication skills, critical thinking and aesthetic appreciation. These, together with the nurturing of positive values and attitudes in PE, are the foundations for consistent success and achievement within PE at All Saints High School.

As a department we aim to ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to experience a diverse programme of study which enables pupils to fully develop their range of physical, analytical and social skills.

  • Mr M Cummings - Head of Department
  • Mr D Volante
  • Mr J Standley
  • Miss L O'Neill
  • Miss V Winstanley
Key Stage 3

All pupils will participate in PE, covering the following range and content: Fitness, Games, Outdoor Adventurous Activities, Gymnastics, Dance and Athletics.

Fitness: The aim of this unit is to develop pupils' understanding of their own fitness and how improving their fitness impacts on their health and well-being.

Games: Pupils will be taught how to outwit an opponent through a range of games: football, badminton, netball, basketball and rounders. In each game pupil's will be taught to develop their technical performance, tactical awareness and knowledge of the rules governing the game.

Trampolining: Pupils will be taught to develop specific trampolining movements and sequences, then perform the skills accurately and consistently. They will be required to create, plan, perform and evaluate routines in terms of self and peer assessment.

Orienteering / Team building and problem solving: Pupils will be taught to develop their problem solving, orienteering skills through a range of on-site activities.

Athletics Indoor and outdoor: Pupils will be taught to perform at maximum levels through a range of running, jumping and throwing techniques, they will also evaluate their own and others technique to improve results. Competition rules governing each event will also be developed to improve each pupil’s knowledge of officiating events and their health and safety.

Dance at Key Stage 3 provides students with a range of opportunities to develop their skills in Choreography, Performance and Dance Appreciation. The curriculum covers a wide range of themes and starting points, drawing from a mixture of dance styles. The themes are often cross-curricular in nature, providing students with the opportunity to translate their ideas, knowledge and understanding of different subject areas into movement and dance. Throughout each activity pupils' awareness of health, safety and fitness for life will be developed.

Key Stage 4 & 5

Pupils will participate in 3 hours of core PE lessons over the two week timetable. This is a compulsory subject that is a requirement on the national curriculum. In these lesson the focus is upon healthy bodies and healthy mind. We listen to pupil voice and tailor a curriculum that allows pupils to access competitive pathways, health and fitness or sports leadership.

In addition, at KS4 the pupils have the opportunity to develop their physical skills and learn the theoretical aspects of Physical Education. The department offers the Edexcel & OCR GCSE Physical Education course which is currently assessed as 60% practical and 40% theory. This will be an extra 5 lessons over two weeks. From September 2016 the GCSE Specification will change so that 60% of the course is theoretical and 40% will be practical. The department has 6 full-time specialist teachers. We have fantastic sporting facilities including a well-equipped fitness suite, a sports hall with a variety of court markings, including four badminton courts and extensive on-site playing fields. We have four full size tennis courts and a cricket strip. We also have indoor and outdoor cricket nets. We have two performing arts studios which are used for dance, fitness, and non-contact boxing lessons.

There are many clubs held at lunchtime and after school. All pupils, regardless of their ability, are encouraged to attend. Teams regularly take part in inter and intra school competitions at local, regional and national levels. In addition, coaches from a wide range of sports support the department's diverse extra-curricular programme. Activities offered throughout the year range from traditional activities such as netball, badminton, cross country, rounders, athletics and football, to a more diverse range of activities including; trampolining, dodgeball, yoga, pilates, fitness and non-contact boxing.