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Headteacher: Mr T. McGuinness


The Geography team are committed to the discovery, application, and dissemination of knowledge concerning the natural environment and society in order to help our pupils become global citizens, environmental stewards, policy makers, and scientists. This will improve the quality of life for the learner of All Saints Catholic High School by helping better understand human impacts on the environment and interactions between society and Earth’s natural systems.

Our vision for the Geography department is to help nurture tomorrow’s citizens through the building of positive relationships and through an engaging curriculum that inspires students to care about our shared planet.

  • Mr A Ryan - Head of Department
  • Miss H Williams - Teacher
  • Mr C Owen - Teacher
The department aims to:

Develop pupils as individuals by:

  • Helping pupils explore their sense of place and belonging, in relation to their own locality and the wider world
  • Enabling pupils to develop an appreciation for physical and human diversity and gaining some understanding of the needs and perspectives of others

Develop pupils as contributors to society by:

  • Helping them gain a sense of themselves as social beings and exploring how they relate to one another and their environments
  • Making them aware of values and lifestyles that are different from their own and helping them make reasoned judgements in relation to a wide range of issues

Develop pupils as contributors to the economy and environment by:

  • Helping pupils gain an awareness of our place in a changing local and global economy
  • Making pupils aware of the need for change to be sustainable and the importance of thinking globally, acting locally
  • Delivering outstanding standards in teaching and learning throughout the curriculum
  • Developing and utilising quality resources in a positive and creative learning environment
  • Developing a high level of Geographical skills and knowledge
  • Providing a broad, balanced and differentiated Geography curriculum to meet the needs of all pupils
  • Developing mathematical and literacy skills
  • Offering guidance in relation to further education and career aspirations
  • Prepare students thoroughly for external exams and coursework
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