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Our philosophy as a department is that ‘all pupils should have the opportunity to understand their role within society and their world’. We believe that Geography should challenge pupils to think about their place in their society, where they fit in and the impacts they have on the environment on both a local and global scale. We ask pupils to think about the big issues, which affect all of us daily and challenge pupils to develop their own opinions based upon evidence.

  • MrAndrew Watkins - Head of Faculty
  • Mr Paul Dearing - Teacher
  • Miss Leila Haddad - Teacher
Key Stage 3

In year 7 there is a strong emphasis placed on gaining Geographical skills and broadening pupil’s knowledge of the world. In year 8, pupils look at contrasting areas of the world, focusing on natural resources, the impact of sport on societies around the world and the areas of the world, which inspire wonder and awe. In year 9, we look at preparing students for GCSE. The key focus is on bringing together all the different strands of Geography and looking at the relationships between people, countries and their environments. A key element of this is looking at the impact of globalisation and how this can lead to conflict across the world. Students are encouraged to undertake independent research into a current topical news event

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, pupils follow AQA specification A for Geography. They have to sit two external examinations, which are worth 75% of their final exam grade and undertake fieldwork and write a report, for the final 25%. In year 10 students study: The Restless Earth, Water on the Land and The Coastal Environment. In Year 11 students study: Population, Urban Environments and Tourism.