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Business Studies

The Business Studies Department is dedicated to providing students with an engaging and well-rounded curriculum across key stages 4 and 5. As a department, we aim to develop students confidence not only within the classroom but within the workplace in the future. Our aim as a department is to give students real-life business experiences through an interactive curriculum that includes engaging with a number of different employers and businesses.

At key stage 4, students will study five hours across the two-week timetable. At key stage 5, students will study nine hours per subject across a two-week timetable.

Due to our high standards, the Business Studies Department has consistently achieved outstanding Level 2 (key stage 4) and Level 3 (key stage 5) BTEC results.

  • Miss S Black - Head of Department
  • Mrs M Riley
Year 9

Students will opt to study Business Studies for the first time in Year 9. During this year students will be introduced to Business Studies, following the Edexcel GCSE specification. As part of the qualification, pupils will complete an Enterprise challenge to help them develop an insight and gain experience in running a business. We believe completing this challenge will allow all pupils to gain a greater understanding of the business world.

  • Term 1 - Introduction to Business/ Entrepreneurs
  • Term 2 - Enterprise (Putting a business idea into practice)
  • Term 3 - Making the Business Efficient
Year 10 & 11

During the two years, pupils will follow two different qualifications, Level 1/2 Tech Award in Enterprise or Business Studies GCSE, depending on their individual progress throughout Year 9.

Enterprise is split into three components across the two years. Component 1 and 2 are coursework units, amounting to 60% (30% each) of the overall qualification grade. Component 3 is an external examination that will be sat at the end of Year 10, worth 40% of the overall qualification grade.

GCSE Business Studies is split into 2 units. Unit 1 is an external examination worth 50% of the overall grade. Unit 2 is also an external examination work 50% of the final grade.

Both qualifications are equivalent to each other and provide students with an insight into the business and finance world. Through exciting and interactive delivery of both qualifications, pupils will develop skills and confidence for the future both academically in business as well as through networking with businesses and employers.

Key Stage 5

The Business Studies Department offers two routes at key stage 5. Students can opt to study Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Business Studies (Equivalent in size to one A-Level) and the Level 3 National Diploma in Business Studies (Equivalent in size to two A-Levels).

The National Extended Certificate is split into four units over 2 years. Students will complete two units in Year 12, Unit 1 and Unit 3. Unit 1 focuses on exploring businesses and is assessed through internally assessed coursework. Unit 3 is an externally assessed examination that focuses on Personal and Business Finance. In Year 13, pupils will complete the final two units. Unit 2 includes Developing a Marketing campaign and is assessed through an externally assessed controlled assessment. Unit 23 is an internally assessed unit focusing on The English Legal System.

Students completing the National Diploma will complete the four units outlined in the Extended Certificate plus an additional four units over the two years. In Year 12, Unit 6 involves the Principles of Management, this is an externally assessed controlled assessment. Unit 19 is an internally assessed unit involving Pitching for a Small Business. Unit 4 and 5 are both internally assessed and will be completed in Year 13. Unit 4 requires students to manage an event, whereas, Unit 5 is about International Business.

Students will have study periods on their timetable during Year 12 and Year 13. It is imperative that students use these independent study periods to complete homework, independent research and coursework assignments.