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To understand our present and future, we must understand our past.’ This department motto underpins all lessons that we teach at All Saints both at Key Stage 3 and 4.

At Key Stage Three pupils receive three lessons across a fortnight and GCSE its five per fortnight. History is brought to life for the pupils through a variety of interesting topics as well as imaginative tasks which not only give the pupils an understanding of the past but allows them to develop a skills set that will not only transfer to higher education but also to the workplace. We strive to give pupils a curriculum which allows them to question the past and decisions made and the impact they have on our current society and across the world.

The department is staffed with a creative and motivated team:

  • Andrew Watkins - Head of History and Geography
  • Helen Crosby - Assistant SENCO
  • Katie Towler - Progress Leader
  • Scott Bowie
At KS3 the pupils study vibrant and interesting topics which include The Romans, Medieval Life, The Tudors, The Stuarts, The Slave Trade, The Industrial Revolution, Liberal Reforms, Votes for Woman, WW1, The Roaring Twenties and WW!! Including the Holocaust. The course allows the pupils to develop a wide range of skills as well as knowledge and it prepares them to study GCSE History successfully.

The new in coming Year 10 will study the new AQA GCSE course and will study the following topics America, 1920–1973:

  • Opportunity and inequality
  • Conflict and Tensions 1918-1939
  • Health and the People c1000 to the present day
  • Elizabeth England 1586 – 1603

The incoming Year 11 will study AQA History B and they have studied so far:

  • International Relations - Peacemaking 1918–1919 and the League of Nations
  • Hitler’s Foreign Policy and the Origins of the Second World War
  • The Origins of the Cold War 1945–1960
  • The Roaring 20s: USA, 1919–1929
  • Stalin’s Dictatorship: USSR, 1924–1941

In Year 11 they will study Race Relations in the USA, 1945–1968 and complete their controlled assessment.