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Headteacher: Mr T. McGuinness


Our aim is to provide learners with a rich and diverse programme of historical study; a historical learning journey which exposes our young people to the contested nature of History as a discipline both in relation to Britain and the wider world. Learners will be empowered to act as historians, and partake in the rigorous process of historical enquiry, via a sharp focus on reading, writing and speaking like historians. They will develop the ability to deploy historical terminology with precision and accuracy in order to analyse key historical time periods using a range of disciplinary concepts.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality History education that engages learners and enables all to succeed within the classroom, whilst simultaneously providing our pupils with important and valuable lessons for life. We firmly believe that it is the inalienable right of our pupils to study History and engage with the best that has been thought and said in the field, whilst also ensuring that the curriculum is relevant and pertinent to the specific needs and context of our learners.

Our aims in the History Department at All Saints Catholic High School are:

  • To inspire and motivate learners to have the highest expectations for themselves in order to realise their full potential.
  • To enthuse all learners in the study of History.
  • To ensure that pupils are exposed to a historically rich and diverse curriculum through which all learners can excel.
  • To enable learners to develop a coherent understanding and narrative of the past, and relate this understanding to current events.
  • To provide learners with important and valuable experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom, that will remain with them for life.
  • To effectively support the young people at All Saints so that they can continue their study of History at GCSE, at A-Level and beyond if they wish to.
  • Mr S Bowie - Head of Department
  • Mrs H Redrobe
  • Mrs K Towler
  • Mrs S Glover
  • Mr J Murphy
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