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Religious Education

"Religious Education is the core of the core curriculum in a Catholic school" (Pope St John Paul II). Placing RE at the core of the curriculum in Catholic schools helps us to fulfil our mission to educate the whole person in discerning the meaning of their existence, since Religious Education is concerned not only with intellectual knowledge but also includes emotional and affective learning.

Religion can be considered the most important influence on the lives of everyone in the world. It affects a great many aspects of our everyday lives, wherever we live. Religious belief has been with humanity since the very beginning. It is an attempt to explain those things for which we do not otherwise have an answer: why are we born, why do we suffer, what happens to us when we die?

When we study religious values, beliefs, and practices we shed light on the sources of some of humankind’s most difficult problems and conflicts. We study religion in the hope that such knowledge may assist in the human quest for peace, justice and compassion.

  • Mr D Hayes – Head of Department
  • Mrs P Hughes
  • Mrs S Caldicott
  • Miss R Thomas
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