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Leading the Scholars' Programme is immensely rewarding. We have established partnerships with many industries, universities, authors, scientists, sports people and business leaders. However, the greatest reward is the development and enjoyment of our students as they grow in confidence and widen, both their aspirations and confidence.

Paul Dearing - Scholars' Coordinator
Extra-Curricular Events

All departments work hard to ensure that they provide activities to further engage pupils outside the normal curricular structure so that pupils can develop their curiosity and interest. With our Scholars Programme pupils we also aim to offer them visits to Russell group universities and have Oxford and Cambridge University reps in to talk to pupils about applying. Now entering its third year our unique Scholars' Programme is expanding in both the range and variety of activities on offer.


There is no way round it: revision is tough but essential to success. The earlier you can help your child to build their work ethic, with the habit of wider reading and knowledge of the world, the more successful they will be academically. The best revision is time consuming and studies show that reading, writing notes, more reading and spot quizzes are best. You can help with this by establishing an environment which enables them to work to the best of their ability.

Revision for GCSE subjects needs to start straight away in Year 10, with daily re-reading over subjects on top of any homework they may have. Not all pupils work in the same way and so there should be flexibility. Breaks and rewards are something which you can build in to give your child that added incentive they may need.

The links on the right should be helpful in generating some ideas.

Please remember:

  • Revision needs to be done, constantly working on embedding knowledge slowly.
  • Ensure children have proper time and space to work without distraction.
  • Organisation is key: deadlines must be met. Check planners and QUESTION.
  • All Year 11 pupils have a mentor to support them.
  • Wider reading is essential for top grades, to gain improved vocabulary and understanding of global issues.
Support at Home
Try to start the process of establishing curiosity in the world around us. Liverpool is blessed with a variety of world class free museums and sharing these experiences can help start a lifelong love of learning. Encourage them to read different newspapers, such as: The Guardian, The Times, Telegraph and The Independent as well as watching the news regularly, Channel 4 news is good at extended interviews. These will help them see the global connections and interactions. Watching Tedx videos are a great way to open our eyes to new ideas and ways of looking at the world around us.
Encourage Reasoning and Use of Memory

Ask questions such as:-

  • “What do you think will happen next?”
  • “Why do you think that is?”
  • “How do you think…?”
  • “Where have you seen that before?”
  • “When do you think that will happen?”
  • “Can you remember when…?”
Involve Children in their Environment

Take them to museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, sports centres, parks, farms, activity centres, factory tours and any other places of interest you can think of, and then talk about what they have seen and done there. Encourage them to create their own amusements rather than relying on commercially produced entertainment.